Friday, April 3, 2009

CVS money maker

thanks to katycouponer for posting this... this is what I did below but she explained it better...
For the month of April, CVS has a $4 ecb promo on the Natural Dentist mouth rinse(limit 3 per card) These are everyday priced at $6.99 at CVS and you can get a $2 coupon by going to the manufacturer's website (these come up as pdf coupons, so you can print as many as you want)
Purchase two @ $6.99 - $2 coupons each and your oop will be = $ 9.98.
You will get $8 back in ECB(extra care bucks) so that brings cost down to $1.98.
Then if you follow this link, you can print a rebate form for $10 back when you buy two of these mouth rinse products! With the rebate, this turns into a profit of ~ $8!
*Heads up, I purchased these in one transaction and the second coupon beeped (even though it doesn't have an exclusion printed on it) My cashier pushed it through, but it might be easier to ring these up seperate. Rebate form clearly states multiple receipts can be used

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