Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Walgreen's and Shaw's

I stopped at Walgreen's on the way home because my DS was starving and I knew I had 5 $10 RR's to spend by the 27th...

so, I got:

cheezits 2.50
3 reach... 2 floss and a toothbrush 3/$9 get $6RR back/3
sour patch kids filler for DH 1.29
2 cream of mushroom soup 2/$3

-$5/3 Q for the reach
$0.79 OOP

got back $6RR for the Reach deal

I get home and we have no milk or half and half so I run to Shaw's for a few things...

some highlights...kraft deal spend $25 get $10... also a deal for 2% kraft product

wheat thins and ritz $2/2
2 oreos bogo and $1/2 store Q
4 polly-o string cheese

got back $10 for the overall kraft deal and $3 for the 2% deal

huntz deal...

2 huntz ketchups 2/$4
2 bagel bits 2/$4
5 WW meals 4/$10 -$1/5 mfg Q

got back $7

dove deal...spend $15 get $5 back

2 dove 6 pk soups 50% off = 7.98

also had store Q's for...

free frozen lemonade
free steam veggies
free $4 .50 milk Q from last week

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